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For more than 10 years, Shook's Land Improvements has served the local communities with exceptional service. The quality of our work is guaranteed to be the best, while no other company can offer such a vast selection of our products and services. Our services are a listing of skills that are top knotch. Our showroom is open daily Monday through Friday with a list of what we can offer our customers. Need Help in any the following: Landscaping, retainer walls, patios, walkways, garden ways, truck hauling, lawn care, tree trimming, lawn care, mowers or chainsaw repair. Not to mention we have a full service state enhanced inspection station and auto repair center. Which Can help with the follwing: Car repairs, inspections, tires moutning and balancing, motor cycle enhanced inspections, tractor trailer and Motor home repairs. We also offer towing and hauling. With all these aspects we are definitely a well rounded shop. We are located on route 209, 5 miles from Country Junction, 1 miles from route 534 and only 20 minutes from route 33. Stop in today or call for more information. Let Shook's show you what we can do for you.


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